Advertising and promotion

Refresh the image of your brand, underline your point of view on sustainability. Our tricycle is the perfect tool to address the message to your target group. The eTuk-Tuk appeals to people from all demographics, our professional, extroverted and fun-loving riders are deliberately chosen to present your brand.

Book us for your company event or your nationwide campaign.

Advertising in urban space

Lift your advertising message to the next level! As an environmentally friendly vehicle, the Tuk Tuk generates strong reactions and makes people’ necks get longer. The eTuks are used for city tours and as event vehicles in the city of Zurich all year round. The branding possibilities on the Tuk-Tuk are versatile, such as full wrap, roof and rear banners, tabs & TV, brochure holders and much more.

Long-term campaigns

If you want to make a lasting and original impression with your advertising campaign, then book our fleet or individual vehicles for your long-term campaign. If you want to target specific demographic groups, we will be happy to work out a route with the best spots, with guaranteed high visibility.

Short term campaigns

Even with advertising campaigns starting from one day, you can achieve great effect in a short time. Book several vehicles that will attract even more attention in a convoy and choose exactly the route for the tricycles to reach your target group in the best possible way. The Tuk-Tuk can be completely immersed in your brand message, all kinds of gadgets can be mounted.